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Motion Pictures And Filmmakers Associations General Meeting

Updated: Feb 17

We held the first General meeting of MPF Associations on 19th August 2021 at the Association Head Office located in Jinja City, Plot 24 Mvule Crescent opposite Hajj Tarmac Play Ground.

15 filmmakers from MPFA were presented physically while the other 8 filmmakers joined us on Zoom meeting. Each filmmaker represented their associations/companies composing of between 30 to 70 members each , and therefore, MPF Associations has more than 250 Members.

We had a beautiful and successful meeting and we believe that the film industry of Uganda and Africa will benefit much from the Associations.

We talked about so many things like how to build the industry through providing skills to the members and come up with a better quality of our films.

Later the President of PIFF and Umoja communications company international (Brother Edmond Umoja Herman) joined us through Zoom where he talked about monetarizing our work on the global market.

Further more, our PIFF point person in Africa (Sister Kumbie), also from National Arts Council of Zimbabwe was part of the meeting. She was so happy about the association and the collaboration we have as filmmakers here in Uganda.

MOTION PICTURES AND FILMMAKERS’ ASSOCIATIONS LIMITED is an Association that unites a number of Associations with Filmmakers, Video director, Cinematographers, Video and film editors, Film Actors, Script writers and all content creators in order to help every person in the lines of filmmaking business, acquire great filming skills, acting skills, Writing skills, film marketing strategy for both local and on international market. MOTION PICTURES AND FILMMAKERS’ ASSOCIATIONS LIMITED aims to become an entertainment Association through Excellence, creativity, Innovative and trend focused service. Being the forerunner, MOTION PICTURES AND FILMMAKERS’ ASSOCIATIONS LIMITED has the innovation and creativity to meet the high standard of today's entertainment needs and always strive to stay on the top providing our members with quality training, efficient skills and orientation. The dedication and commitment of the entire team in MOTION PICTURES AND FILMMAKERS’ ASSOCIATIONS LIMITED has enabled the Association to continue its quest for Excellence quality in professional services.

OUR VISION & MISSION MOTION PICTURES AND FILMMAKERS’ ASSOCIATIONS LIMITED vision is to be a leading Lifestyle & Entertainment provider through the development and delivery of unique and quality filmmaking products with variety and entertainment to create and fulfill the lifestyle of all customers. MOTION PICTURES AND FILMMAKERS’ ASSOCIATIONS LIMITED Mission is to build a reputation for reliability on our ability to fulfill commitments and honest in dealings to boost customers' confidence. To achieve the Association’s goal and objectives in managing the businesses, our mission are as follows: Develop products, services, and entertainment which fulfill the ever-changing needs of customers Emphasize on human resources development to create people with knowledge, skills and potential suitable in providing excellent services and developing better quality products Operate the businesses in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance Commit to social responsibility through supports for Ugandan orphans and homeless children in having a better life To empower the youth, through Media, Art of films and acting.

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