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Movie Rental Cancellation Policy- KPM Entertainment

KPM Entertainment streaming platform provides a one time payment and monthly subscriptions.

One time payment allows you to pay and rent our films. You can rent only from our platform. The cost of our rented films is between 1,000 UGX  to 7,000 UGX, but this can be converted in to Ugandan shillings.

Monthly subscriptions is not yet available on this platform. Please be advised, rental cancellations made 1 hour after payment is done. If you subscribe for 1 month and you want to cancel the subscription for recurring payments,  should be made 7 days before the end of the billing cycle via [email only, ] will be processed without a penalty.

It should be noted that no refund will be made to the customer once you subscribe or rent a film.

KPM SAFA Admissions Policy

This Policy is intended to provide an accessible summary of KPM SAFA admissions policy and procedures, for applicants and their advisors. KPM SAFA admissions procedures take account of sectoral best practice, Assuring and Enhancing Academic Quality, Recruitment, Selection and Admission to Higher Education; and good practice in admissions.


KPM Entertainment Foundation Data Breach Policy

This policy is to explain organizational and technical measures taken by the KPM Entertainment Foundation (“we”, “our”, “us”) to prevent, identify, and if required, manage and report data breaches involving people connected with us, including, but not limited to applicants, students, staff and contractors (“you”, “your”).


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