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Why KPM Film School



A Great Place

to Learn


We specialize in Digital Media

KPM SAFA specializes in 100% digital media education. Why is that important? Because unlike other film schools, KPM SAFA puts all of its resources and focus into digital film and media programs. If you are interested in digital film or media training, KPM School of Art, Films and Acting is the place to be.


KPM Film School provides a supportive, welcoming community for students of all backgrounds and experience levels to pursue higher education in the arts. Students with ambitious creative goals are invited to apply year round for  programs through our rolling admissions process.


Unlimited Access

Only KPM SAFA has unlimited use of production equipment and editing rooms during courses. This means access to cameras, lights, audio equipment, editing suites and more... How else can a person become proficient at a technical skill? The key to your success is in your hands.

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come"

KPM School of Art, Films and Acting continues to be innovative and lead the way in digital film and media education


It's where the future of film is!

The Digital Media Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The ability to MONETIZE YOUR SKILLS and MONETIZE YOUR MEDIA has never been greater. Just be smart and keep your training high, your tuition low and your free access to equipment & facility!

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