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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come"

KPM School of Art, Films and Acting continues to be innovative and lead the way in digital film and media education.

We are a school of art, films and acting based in Jinja, Uganda founded by Mr. Ssebata Paul in 2008,  aimed at supporting vulnerable youth by imparting them with film and theatre acting skills. We are a community initiative that harnesses the untapped talents of the youth to turn them into shining icons that will influence future communities with their talent as responsible citizens.

KPM Entertainment Foundation and Piton International Festival Africa (PIFF AFRICA) wants to break the three major barriers that hinder deaf people from being fully included in the society.

  • Through involving them in our film project so that we can show the global community that they also play a big roll in our communities.

  • Making sure that they get filmmaking skills so that they can tell unique story through films and documentaries 

Image by Felix Mooneeram
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