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Breaking the Major Barriers Deaf People Face In The Community

Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.’ Yes, deafness cuts one from people, but it shouldn’t, if we are aware of the challenges and communication needs of deaf people. There are people who have never met a deaf person, who, in the presence of a deaf person, wouldn’t know what to do.

Communities are important to a deaf person, inclusion within the community means that a deaf person will be able to become an active member of the community, engage in some economic activity and be able to access services within the community.

Imagine any service within the community, whether its just going to places of worshiping God, going to the market place, in the hospital, at school, police stations and even weddings and birthdays. Deaf people also need to also get services from these entities or participate in the social gatherings


At KPM Entertainment Foundation Ltd, our mission is not only to produce impactful films but also to create sustainable programs that empower and support the deaf community. We believe in fostering long-term relationships and providing ongoing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to showcase their talents and skills. We have various programs in place that are specifically designed to benefit the deaf community. These programs include: 

1. Training and Skill Development: We offer training and skill development programs tailored to the needs and interests of the deaf community. These programs aim to enhance their artistic abilities, technical skills, and overall professional development.  

2. Employment Opportunities: Our organization is committed to creating job opportunities for the deaf community not only within the film industry but also in other sectors. We actively seek partnerships with companies and organizations that share our vision of inclusivity and are willing to provide employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.   
3. Advocacy and Awareness: We believe in raising awareness about the abilities and potential of individuals with disabilities, including the deaf community. Through our advocacy initiatives, we aim to challenge societal perceptions and promote inclusivity.  We are proud of our commitment to the deaf community and the work we do beyond the production of our films

The Three Major Barriers That Hinder Deaf People From Being Fully Included In The Society

 We wants to break the three major barriers that hinder deaf people from being fully included in the society.

  • Through involving them in our film project so that we can show the global community that they also play a big roll in our communities.

  • Making sure that they get filmmaking skills so that they can tell unique story through films and documentaries 

  1. • Lack of awareness. The first and fundamental one is lack of awareness. Sometimes being are just lacking knowledge, don’t know how to act, or where to get a sign language interpreter. There are many ways to communicate with a deaf person and without one knowing some of these options, they might not be able to fully interact with a deaf person.

  2. Social attitudes. Negative social attitudes, stereotypes and prejudice are harmful for deaf people. Cultural beliefs can be deep rooted in myths and misconceptions about deaf people, seeing deafness for instance as a curse.

  3. Lack of access to language and/or assistive devices. Most deaf children are born into hearing families, and some parents might still be in denial that they have deaf children, consequently seeking support service late in the life of the child. Deaf people are often delayed in acquiring and developing their language because they don't get early access to sign language. Children who live in poverty or in rural areas can't afford or get access to technology such as hearing aids.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” 

Proverbs 19:17

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