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KPM School of Art, Films and Acting continues to be innovative and lead the way in digital film and media education


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[ Also available for private training, one-to-one with the instructor ]

Hands-on training with the critical theory and foundation that enables beginning level film students to develop into "filmmakers". Students learn the technical & artistic elements of film & media production, with an emphasis on storytelling. This class includes DIRECTING, PRODUCTION, CINEMATOGRAPHY (CAMERA & LIGHTING), SOUND RECORDING.

Duration: 4 - 12 Weeks    
Class Size: 8 Students
Tuition: 500,000 UGx - 1,500,000 UGx

Camera for filming TV show


[ Also available for private training, one-to-one with the instructor ]

This class educates filmmakers about how LIGHTING, CAMERA, and LENS technologies can help them achieve their artistic intentions. This is for students who want to learn the key techniques, creative approaches and organizational skills involved in CAMERA OPERATION, LIGHTING.

Duration: 2 - 12 Weeks 
Class Size: 4 Students
Tuition: 250,000 UGx - 1,500,000 UGx

Post Production in Process


This  course is an intensive, hands-on educational experience in advanced post-production for video and multimedia projects. Editing, digital effects and motion graphics are the key subjects in this  training.

Duration: 12  Weeks 

Size: 8 Students

Tuition: 1,500,000 UGx


This Editing class explores theoretical and technical approaches to editing. Students are provided footage to edit various projects over the course (such as a music video, trailer, short documentary,short narrative scene).



This training introduces you to the essentials for motion graphics and visual effects. Topics include compositions, layers, animation, keyframing, using 3D, basic animation with effects and presets, introductory text animation, basic keying and 3D, exporting videos


Digital Photography Workshop stresses understanding the fundamentals of the photographic craft, while constantly discussing the scene elements that are getting your attention, working toward distilling those light-based elements into photographic beauty. Topics always include exercising finesse over camera use, including exposure, depth of field, ISO and color balance. Even for advanced students this workshop provides a better understanding of the fundamentals.

Duration: 4 - 12 Weeks,  Class Size: 8,  StudentsTuition: 500,000 UGx - 1,500,000 UGx



Acting students also learn Acting Audition, Voice Acting, and Theatre Acting

Duration: 4 - 12 Weeks 

Class Size:8

StudentsTuition: 500,000 UGx - 1,500,000 UGx

A Young Woman Writing


What you'll learn

  • Turn Your Idea Into a Screenplay

  • Explore What Makes Movies Award Winners

  • Create a Pitch That Sells Your Idea

  • Develop Compelling Characters

  • Structure Your Screenplay

  • Learn Techniques That Make Scenes Leap Off The Page

  • Polish Your Screenplay

At the Studio


What you'll learn

Seasoned audio and video professionals have a lot of experience in producing and engineering music and sound for a multitude of uses. We know how to mic, how to arrange, how to edit, and how to mix. But what are the implications of producing and engineering audio that is intended to be distributed within a Virtual Reality - VR or 360° video environment?

In this course, we will walk through the techniques of capturing, implementing, and delivering audio for use in HMD VR, mobile VR, and panoramic 360° web platforms built within Unity. We will utilize real-world tracks and session data to show some of the complexities that arise during these productions.

Duration: 4 - 12 Weeks,  Class Size: 4,  StudentsTuition: 500,000 UGx - 1,500,000 UGx


KPM School of Art, Films and Acting

continues to be innovative and lead the way in digital film and media education