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We are KPM Entertainment school of art, films and acting based in Jinja, Uganda founded by Mr. Ssebata Paul in 2008, an international theatre Actor in Turkey aimed at supporting vulnerable youth, orphans by imparting them with films and theatre acting skills. We are a community initiative that harnesses the untapped talents of the vulnerable children and youth to turn them into shining icons that will influence future communities with their talent as responsible citizens. KPM Entertainment has been in the event and entertainment business for several years and aims to become a leading school and entertainment company through Excellence, creativity, Innovative and trend focused service. Being the forerunner, KPM Entertainment has the innovation and creativity to meet the high standard of today’s entertainment needs and always strive to stay on the top providing our students with quality training, efficient skills and orientation. The dedication and commitment of the entire team in KPM Entertainment has enabled the company to continue its quest for Excellence quality in professional services.

UCCN TV/KPM Originals

We are entertainment providers of all ages. Really high speed streaming is available on KPM Entertainment/ UCCN TV. The world is no longer a place where only the rich could afford hi-tech gadgets or probably the Internet. With almost every individual owning a smartphone and having access to high speed Internet, life has become a lot easier. Watching movies and being entertained is something that most people take advantage of especially when not many options are left in the present times. One such platform is KPM Entertainment/ UCCN TV where you get to watch  your favorite movies under a single roof. With region specific content from Africa and Caribbean, there is a wide array of movies to choose from. KPM Entertainment/ UCCN TV is one of those few platforms that doesn’t allow you to go anywhere else when in search of good quality online streaming of movies and TV series. With multiple genres as that of : - 

  • Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Game show, History, Horror, Musical, Mystery, News, Reality, Romance, Sci-Fi, TV Movie, Thriller, War



To build a reputation for reliability on our ability to fulfil commitments and honest in dealings to boost customers’ confidence


The leading Lifestyle & Entertainment provider through the development and delivery of unique and quality services with an enormous variety of entertainment to create and fulfil the lifestyle of our Clientele.




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The Piton International Film Festival "Africa " (PIFF Africa) is a 12-month initiative that focuses on celebrating filmmaking and seeks to work collaboratively with filmmakers in Africa. PIFF is unique in that its focus is on education, collaboration, and celebration, instead of competition. Hence, filmmakers will be able to work together to inspire and influence the African community in a positive and uplifting manner.

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